About Us

about_us_sidebarRent-A-Week Inc. brings together travelers looking for discount vacations in premiere travel destinations with vacation club owners who need to rent their units. Our reputation in the travel industry has allowed us to deal efficiently with timeshare owners seeking to rent their units while being sold. We specialize in the rental of timeshares located in Florida, Nevada, California Beach, California Desert and Cabo San Lucas Mexico and other high demand vacation destinations.

In this uncertain economy, we refer to it as a vacation stimulus program and a win-win to both travelers and those resorts in need of increasing their occupancy rates.

Our Team

Rent-A-Week Inc.’s team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the vacation ownership industry working for developers, resale and the private industry, servicing consumers.

Jose Renta, President and Chief Operating Officer for Rent-A-Week Inc., started in the vacation ownership industry in 1992 as a front-liner for the largest privately owned timeshare resort chain in the world. In 2003, Renta founded Title Outlet Inc., one of the most successful title companies in Central Florida. His title company serviced the top local resorts and later expanded nationwide, as well as to Central America and the Caribbean. Throughout his multifaceted career, Renta has completed more than 500,000 title closings, giving him a thorough understanding of his clients’ needs and concerns. His reputation has made him an icon in the industry!

Deborah Ramos has been in the timeshare industry since 1997. She has worked for two of the largest timeshare developers in the world, Starwood Vacation Ownership and Orange Lake Resort and Country Club. With these two companies Deborah worked right on the sales floor with new owners doing their closings. This job allowed her to do lots of customer service and quality control for those resorts. She had many achievements and training with those resorts which will benefit all of our clients. After being in the resort side of the business for over 6 years she then decided to get into the resale aspect of the business. She has been working in the resale title industry since 2003. She has worked taking care of every single step of the timeshare title transfer process and knows how to get closings done in a very timely and efficient matter. With her extensive knowledge of the industry and having done thousands of timeshare transfers she is very familiar with the needs of our clients and the expectations of the resorts. We are very fortunate as a company to be able to offer such an extensive resort and timeshare background to our clients.

Through her many years involved with the resale industry she also has extensive knowledge of rental program for timeshare owners. She has worked with rental programs in the past and knows what is needed to get your property rented. And with this knowledge can assist owners who are renting with hopes of selling be able to get their properties sold.

Together, Renta and Ramos have created the most innovative solution to both timeshare owners and families looking for an affordable vacation at five star resorts.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of professional service and to achieve the highest volume of client retention and customer satisfaction in the timeshare rental industry.


To bring together families searching for quality and affordable vacations with timeshare owners while providing timeshare owners with options to rent their weeks and to recover the cost of annual maintenance fees and taxes in the process. It also applies to those owners needing cash flow while their units are being sold.